Kit Harington’s Epic Prank On Rose Leslie Is The Stuff Of Dreams [VIDEO]

OK So the quick version… Kit Harington plays Jon Snow, the wayward Stark bastard, and KING IN THE NORTH!

Rose Leslie is his fiance and in case you aren’t in the know, she also played Ygritte, the feisty redheaded wildling whom Snow fell deeply in love with only to, lose during the Wilding attack of Castle Black.

They met on set, fell in love, and after a whirlwind romance are now engaged to be married.

There… you’re caught up.

Kit decided to play an epic prank on Rose and it’s exactly what we would expect from the King in the North.

“My family does April Fools’,” Harington explains. “Her family doesn’t do April Fools’.” This means it was a perfect set up for the prankster, catching poor Rose completely off guard. Her priceless reaction is making headlines all over the internet, but not without a cost. “She pretty much told me if I did it ever again, that would be it. And I think that’s marriage included,” Harington says. Watch the epic Game-Of-Thrones level of savage prank below and tell us in the comments if you think it was too cruel!

I am admittedly a HUGE fanboy of Game of Thrones. I do not miss an episode, I collect toys, action figures, you name it from the show. I love seeing stuff like this on the web. There’s a huge array of videos available on Youtube that shows the cast members are really good friends and I really feel like that’s why shows like GoT thrive as well as they do.

There’s plenty of “horror stories” of cast mates on other shows being nasty to one another over the years and those shows tend to not last. Look at Seinfeld and Friends for reference. The cast are/were all really good friends and they thrived.