Watch: Pelosi Has A Complete Breakdown. She’s Either Hit The Wine Bottle Too Hard Or Joe’s Contagious

In response to getting their clocks cleaned in Virginia Democrats feel that they need to go even further to the left.

Pelosi ran out to the press to push Biden’s agenda and it was a garbled mess.


Either Pelosi was drunk, off her meds, or Joe’s Biden’s conitive decline is contagious (that’s a joke for the fact checkers out their).


In conservative circles there has been a long running joke that Pelosi is actually a robot because she’s heartless so maybe the clip above was a software glitch.

The Speaker of the House had a similar glitch before. During an appearance on ABC’s “This Week” her brain completely shutdown and answered a question in the middle of a discussion by saying, “Good morning, good Sunday morning.”

Some are wondering if Joe Biden’t cognitive decline is rubbing off on Pelosi after all, they both have a thing for ice cream.

A couple of days after Nancy’s sputtering press conference the House did pass $1.75 trillion social policy bill and Biden’s Senate-passed infrastructure bill. But only because 13 House Republicans bailed the Democrats out which has local organizers for the GOP furious, six Democrats refused to vote for the bill.