Sloppy Bannon: Apologizes Too Late, Loses Breitbart And Political backing

Former White House Chief Strategist, Steve Bannon, Loses Favor And Political Standing After Gross Anti-Trump Slander. And Now He Decides To Apologize?

Steve Bannon was a political icon. He supposedly helped a great deal in the White House but now as the slanderous book Fire and Fury comes out, there are claims that he was not as useful in the White House as he had boasted to be. The Bannon controversy all stems around what Michael Wolff claimed the WH advisor said in his work of fiction: Fire and Fury.

“Wolff’s book says Bannon labeled as “treasonous” Donald Trump Jr.’s and Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner’s 2016 meeting with Russian nationals, held in an attempt to dig up dirt on Democrat Hillary Clinton, and called Trump’s daughter Ivanka “dumb as a brick.”

Bannon also predicted in the book that the special counsel investigating possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia would “crack” Trump Jr. “like an egg on national TV.” In his statement on Sunday, Bannon didn’t specifically deny the comments. He said he regrets that he waited in responding to what he called “inaccurate reporting” but does not offer a full apology for his remarks.”

Trump tweeted a response to the stab in the back:

Bannon saw that the slanderous book was released and must have seen what the author claimed he said but did nothing to refute the book, at least not right away. He allowed Trump and the nation to believe those were his words. Only after he started to lose his following did he try to refute what was said in the book.

“Bannon said his comments about the Trump Tower meeting were not aimed at Trump Jr., but rather Manafort, “a seasoned campaign professional with experience and knowledge of how the Russians operate. He should have known they are duplicitous, cunning and not our friends.”

He made a full statement regarding the book in hopes to try to regain favor with Trump and the Republican party.

“Donald Trump, Jr. is both a patriot and a good man. He has been relentless in his advocacy for his father and the agenda that has helped turn our country around.
My support is also unwavering for the president and his agenda — as I have shown daily in my national radio broadcasts, on the pages of Breitbart News and in speeches and appearances from Tokyo and Hong Kong to Arizona and Alabama. President Trump was the only candidate that could have taken on and defeated the Clinton apparatus. I am the only person to date to conduct a global effort to preach the message of Trump and Trumpism and remain ready to stand in breach of this president’s efforts to make America great again.”
But this should have been said day one not five days after the release of the slanderous book.

Watch the Video Below.

Trump has yet to forgive Bannon and inside sources say that his attempts may be in vain.

“White House deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley echoed those sentiments aboard Air Force One on Monday, telling reporters that Bannon’s attacks on Trump’s family members were “repugnant” and “grotesque.”
“I don’t believe there’s any way back for Mr. Bannon at this point,” Gidley said when asked to react to Bannon’s statement.”
Bannon deserves this treatment as his statements to the author were unnecessary and should never have been said. If he were truly a Trump supporter he would have made a statement sooner and protected Trump, as well as his family from unnecessary scrutiny. If Bannon had immediately come out against the slanderous statements, he would have helped to discredit the book before it became a media sensation.