Obesity A Global Epidemic.

 Obesity On the Rise On A Global Scale.

The World Health Organization (WHO) warns that there are now ten times more obese kids, and teens than there were 40 years ago. If this trend continues then by 2022 there will be more obese minors than thin.

The WHO report goes on to say that Globally mid to low income countries have seen increases in obesity while high-income countries obesity rates have started to level out. The main culprit is processed food and the current market.

The current market is set so that processed foods are cheap. Therefore a staple in low income to mid-income areas. Meanwhile, Healthy food is expensive and harder for lower-income families to keep in stock. This ongoing issue will lead to a higher chance of children growing up obese and increases chances of Diabetes.

Dr. Fiona Bull, WHO official, and noncommunicable diseases prevention coordinator stressed the solution:

“Countries should aim particularly to reduce consumption of cheap, ultra-processed, calorie dense, nutrient poor foods. They should also reduce the time children spend on screen-based and sedentary leisure activities by promoting greater participation in physical activity through active recreation and sports.”

Sadly until they can make Healthy food cheaper obesity will continue to be a problem.

Watch the Short Segment on Obesity caused by processed food.


“These worrying trends reflect the impact of food marketing and policies across the globe, with healthy nutritious foods too expensive for poor families and communities,” Ezzati said.

“We need ways to make healthy, nutritious food more available at home and school, especially in poor families and communities, and regulations and taxes to protect children from unhealthy foods.”

Obesity rates have stabilized in high-income countries in recent years, though levels remain unacceptably high, Ezzati added.

Almost 2 billion people worldwide are now overweight, 671 million of which are obese, the study revealed.