Watch: Kamala Harris Absurd Comments About Rural Voters Reveals How Stupid She Really Is

It is more than apparent that the people in the Biden administration are stuck-up elitists snobs that have no idea what everyday life is like in America.

During an interview with BET Vice President Kamala Harris made a complete fool of herself when asked about voter ID laws.

Polls show time and again that the majority of Americans (including minorities) support voter ID laws however, it is Democrats that continually work to get them stuck down when they are passed.

Harris was asked if she would be willing to concede allowing voter ID as a concession to work with Republicans on a bipartisan voting rights bill. Kamala responded by saying that rural voters wouldn’t be able to photocopy their ID to prove who they are because there aren’t any Kinkos around.

She’d also probably be shocked to learn that rural Americans actually have internet and electricity too.

We live in a day and age when you can purchase a car on the internet upload all your documents and have it delivered to your home. But, Kamala Harris doesn’t believe that rural voters would be able to figure out how to vote.

Kamala’s statements were no more out of touch than Biden’s comments about buying electric vehicles. Their position that you should buy a $55,000 plus vehicle is equivalent to Carter’s comment that Americans should “put on a sweater.”

As Jimmy Carter was driving the US into the ground he famously told Americans to lower their thermostat and to put on a sweater. Just like Carter, the White House is insulting Americans and that is going to have big implications when the midterms come around.