Hillary Clinton: “There are things I’ve said I’d like to take back”-No Kidding [Video]

Hillary Is STILL Talking About The 2016 Election But Did She Actually Deal Out A Little Blame To Herself?

Clinton has gone on about the elections since losing back in November of 2016 and the world is sick of hearing it. We’ve watched her wallow in her own pity, blame everyone under the moon and lash out at American’s. It’s taking her some time to hear her blame herself, even a little, but that day has finally come.

Of course, it was a quick admission followed by more bashing of others but we caught it. Take a look.


“I can do better. There are things I’ve said I’d like to take back.”

According to  Paulina Dedaj with Fox News:

She might have been referring to remarks she made earlier this month in India where she said women face “ongoing pressure to vote the way that your husband” thinks they should. Critics slammed the comments as sexist.

She made similar remarks in September, seemingly blaming women in part for her loss.

Clinton agreed to do Thursday’s speech for $25,000 from a university endowment, NJ.com reported.

Clinton also took the opportunity to bash the Republican Party saying it slowly was coming undone by “a very small group of powerful forces,” who could fund another candidate if one does not appeal to the “far right.” She said she was referring to groups including the National Rifle Association.

Clinton talked about the upcoming elections and the number of Republicans who have announced their retirement or that have said that they will not seek reelection.

“They’re leaving,” she said, “because they know they will be shown no understanding by the hard right and the money that funds it.”

Clinton also took jabs at the Trump administration ahead of the important 2018 midterm elections, although she mentioned Donald Trump by name only once, but alluded to him several other times.

“I really hope this is a turning point,” she said, speaking of the upcoming midterm elections.

“I’m hoping in this election, this midterm election, enough people will, maybe for the first time or maybe for the first time in a long time say, ‘Look, I was really moved by what happened at Parkland, or I’m sick we’re the only country in the world not in the Paris agreement on climate change, or I don’t like what they tried to do to healthcare’ or whatever the motivator is” to ensure enough people will go out to vote.