Man Gets Owned By Barbers In Sloppy Robbery Attempt [Surveillance Footage]

The Tides Quickly Turn Against Perpetrator In Failed Barber Shop Robbery.

There are those that think crime pays. Misguided people that believe that it is ok to take a hard working man or woman’s pay. They fail to realize that their victims have families and bills just as everyone else does. They are either so self-centered or stupid, that they don’t realize there will be consequences.

A Barber Shop in Lima. Peru was unfortunate enough to attract the attention of a selfish individual, that sought to take their hard earned wages. As you can see in the video the Barbers are caught off guard, as the robber enters the shop while armed with a handgun. One of them escapes out the back door while the rest are subject to the whim of the selfish man. The armed assailant starts by trying to get the man that ran out of the room but it looks like he can’t find him.

He returns to the front room where he has the remaining barbers and client kneel and start forking over their cash. The men comply as the perpetrator tells them to move faster and swats at them with his gun. But the Robber gets sloppy he stops paying attention to all of his victims. While his gaze is focused on one of them the other hair stylist makes his move and wrestles the gun out of the assailant’s hands. The brave Barber then proceeds to teach the man a lesson. As the perpetrator had threatened all of their lives over a days wage. The victims then rally together and beat up the man and then call the police.

Watch The Video Below.

All of the parties to this incident are lucky as no one was killed during this attempted robbery. The Robber learns a valuable lesson and the Barbers live to work another day. I was hoping that the man in the video was strategically retreating to get a weapon but it still worked out. Imagine how quick this could have ended had the Barbers been armed?