Frightening Details In Case About Grandmother Who Will Spend Christmas In Jail Because Of Mandate

Margaret Buttimer, a 66 year old grandmother, is going to spend Christmas in jail after being sentenced to a year in jail for violating Ireland’s mask mandate.

Buttimer was locked up last week because she went Christmas shopping for her grandchildren which violated her bail conditions.

The 66 year old grandmother was facing charges all because she failed to wear a mask while sitting indoors at a restaurant on November 17.

This is where it gets dark, the courts tried to have her committed.

From the Irish Examiner:

The court heard food was on display near where Ms Buttimer remained standing. Mr Long said: “What I was afraid of was if other people came in and saw this person, what were the consequences.” Ms Buttimer’s solicitor, Plunkett Taaffe, provided a report from a geriatric consultant psychiatrist detailing an MRI scan which showed no anomalies.

He said family members had perceived a change in his client, that she was forgetting things, and he said a psychologist report also indicated some possible issues.

President Biden is expected to deliver a speech on Tuesday to address the spike in cases and is expected to impose more draconian mandates.

It is expected that Biden is going to blame the unvaccinated and use them as a scapegoat however every day we learn more vaccinated people are being infected.

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) pointed out that there is a trend of Democrat politicians testing positive for COVID who have received three doses of the vaccine.

Meanwhile, Biden took another hit, he is losing support from Millennials and Generation Z.