Italian Woman Destroys Liberals Anti-Gun Narrative With One Tweet.

Italian Woman Makes A Strong Pro-Gun Argument On Twitter.

Liberal these days have sunk to a new low, defying logic and any sort of rational argument. They seem to have moved on to less conventional ways to convince others to be anti-gun. They have moved onto brainwashing the youth of our nation to work for them. They direct these young trusting minds to hate the second amendment and organizations that support our rights.

A European woman has been watching the US, and the Liberals attempt to disarm law-abiding citizens. She tweeted the following:

Some Gun Facts Below.

She brings up the main purpose of the second amendment. Liberals usually scoff at the idea that we have the right to bear arms in order to defend ourselves from the government. It is not that the government is going to take our rights away tomorrow.  No, it is a slow process and they will instead chop away at our rights over time. But it is still a deterrent to tyranny and as you see in her tweet she gives a great example of what happens to a disarmed society. Governments care less about their people’s rights when they are disarmed.

The second amendment is like the defender of all other amendments. It gives the people the power to defend themselves, as well as make the government think twice about infringing upon our rights.

History is replete with plenty of examples — from Europe to Asia and Africa and South America — of the fatal results of a disarmed populace crushed beneath the oppressive weight of a tyrannical authoritarian government.

It must be made abundantly clear to the gun grabbers here in America that while we have no desire whatsoever to engage in a brutal and bloody second civil war, we are nevertheless as determined as ever to maintain a death grip on the means to defend our rights and ward off potential tyranny.”

No Kingdom can be secured otherwise than by arming the people. The possession of arms is the distinction between a freeman and a slave.”
– James Burgh

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