Don’t Be Fooled: The Net Neutrality Fight Is Shrouded In Fraud!

Bob Barr, Former Georgia Congressman, Exposes the many Lies and FCC fraud surrounding the fight against net neutrality.

Unknown to most of us, thousands of Pros and Cons presented as fact in regards to Net Neutrality were lies. Bob Barr dives deeper into the issue and exposes potential legal crimes. This was an informative piece that we think you should take a look at.

As Reported By Bob Barr with Town Hall.

If one was expecting to have a reasoned, adult debate over “Net Neutrality” in the lead-up to the Federal Communications Commission’s vote last week to roll-back the Obama-era regulations, they were surely disappointed. Rather than a logical look at the current state of how the internet works today (much of the anti-FCC rhetoric was not based in such a reality), or even a practical discussion about how the internet has evolved freely and robustly absent of such regulations, most of the “discussion” was a digital shouting match of partisan and anti-capitalism rhetoric. That, and a massive amount of fraud.

As I wrote earlier this month, hundreds of thousands of comments were submitted to the FCC in spikes during the public comment period about its proposal to eliminate the 2015 “Open Internet Order”; and, upon further investigation, were found to have been written not by humans, but by artificial intelligence programs using “natural language generators.” reports that “over a third of the nearly 22 million comments that poured into the [FCC] . . . included one of seven identical messages,” and “more than half were associated with duplicate or temporary emails.” Additionally, the New York Attorney General is also investigating reports that as many as two-million fraudulent submissions used the names and addresses of real people, both living and dead…

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