Gruesome Worst Case Scenario For Cyclist [Raw Video]

This has to be one of the absolute worst case scenarios for any biker.

This horrible accident is just another reason why we fully believe in the ‘look twice and save a life’ slogan. Most accidents involving cyclists are avoidable by taking an extra few seconds to make yourself aware of your surroundings.

This biker is in total peril as his bike is helplessly trapped in the undercarriage of this dump truck. It is unclear if dump truck driver is aware of the situation or if the people filming were even trying to get the drivers attention. While we do not believe the cyclist survived the ordeal we do not have a follow up at this time but will continue to search for more information. We can only hope for the best in all cases.


This video contains graphic content that can not be unseen. We do not recommend this video for the soft-hearted and deem this video unsuitable for some audiences. Viewer’s digression is strongly advised.




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