Breaking: Sheriff Releases Information And Video Of Officer’s Shoot-out [Video]

Douglas County Sheriff, Tony Spurlock, Released new information and bodycam footage of the fatal shooting that claimed the life of one of his officers.

You can feel the sincerity in Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock’s heartfelt message to the public. Deputy Zackari Parrish, 29 was lost trying to render help to a mentally ill suspect. Spurlock says that Zack was pleading with the man until the very end to ‘let me help you’. Our hearts go out to officer’s family and the brave men and women who served alongside him that night.

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Officers involved in the fatal shoot-out. Photo taken from the video.
Officers involved in the fatal shoot-out. Photo taken from the video.

As Reported by The Associated Press On Time.

(HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo.) — A Colorado sheriff’s deputy killed by a man with a history of mental health problems tried to help the gunman before being shot, his boss said Friday at a funeral that drew law enforcement officers from around the state and elsewhere.

“Up until the moment he died, he was pleading with the man, ‘Let me talk to you, let me help you’ and then the killer killed him,” Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock said of Deputy Zackari Parrish, 29, relaying what he heard on audio from body camera footage of the Sunday shooting.

Spurlock said he never heard anyone deal more calmly with such a situation.

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