Washington State Plans To Recognize Gender “X”

Washington State Residents Will Be Able To Change Thier Gender To “X” On Thier Birth Certificates.

Another state falls prey to the gender identity social movement. Washington is the second West Coast State that will have  a rule allowing people to change their identity to “X” on their birth certificate. “X” symbolizing one of the many new gender identities that people have decided upon. Surprisingly the first state was Oregon, not California which will be following suit this coming September. The rule will come into effect in Washington on January 27th.

The new gender designation has the LGBTQ community celebrating but not everyone feels that this a positive rule. As some feel there might be confusion for a census and record keeping.

The designation will not affect babies it will have to be a decision made later in life. But this social movement is getting out of hand. This new rule is sure to cause confusion.

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As Reported By Christine Willmsen, SeattleTimes.com

The Family Policy Institute, based in Lynnwood, opposed it.

“We are concerned for one practical reason — the integrity of state records and people being able to change a state record based on their desired expression and intent on any given day,” said Chris Plante, policy director.

He said a birth certificate should “reflect the biological reality,” and is concerned other official documents that reference a sex will change, too.

 For the past decade, a person could change a certificate from female to male or from male to female.

Spice said she doesn’t know how many people will take advantage of the change, but said there has been an increase in changes from one sex designation to another with 100 in 2015 and 276 last year.

Christine Anthony, spokesperson for Department of Licensing, said the agency is in the early stages of researching how it would change driver’s licenses, saying it’s unclear if it would be a rule-making process or need legislative approval.

“We want to accommodate people who prefer that on their driver’s license,” she added.”