Trump On the Vegas Massacre: This Is An “Act Of Pure Evil”

Trump Sends His Condolences And Prays For The Families.

Trump thanked the Las Vegas Police and First Responders who prevented further loss of life. Saying that they had “True Professionalism.” He went on to address the families of the victims telling them that “We are praying for you and we are here for you.”  The American Flag will be at half-staff today in memorial of those lost in this Massacre. Trump went on to say that America and Americans are resilient. “In moments of tragedy and horror, America comes together.” Trump’s main message was unity through prayer and “the bonds that unite us.”

As of 11:45 am, The injury count has risen to 515 and the death toll has risen to 58. The hotel has gone back to business as usual as they were under a lockdown since the incident. The Isis Claim that they are responsible has been deemed false. It is believed that he acted alone.

Watch the full address below.

As Reported By Brook Singman, Fox News

Authorities said one on-duty officer was in critical condition and another was wounded in the shooting. Two off-duty police officers attending the concert were killed.

“This was obviously well-planned, they waited for a major, open-air event, and obtained a room facing it,” retired FBI special agent and former national FBI spokesman John Iannarelli, who drove past the scene of the event just moments before the shooting took place, told Fox News. “I can see the flashing blue police lights from my hotel window.”

“They were well-trained,” Iannarelli said, noting the use of automatic weapons. “That’s not an easy task.”

Iannarelli also said “it is too early to tell” what the motive was. “Is this a lone wolf inspired by others? This is exactly the type of attack the U.S. has been fearing would come to our shores.”

Officials did not immediately reveal a motive.

First lady Melania Trump also offered her condolences on Twitter Monday morning.