Fox Host Trolls Feminist Anti-Meat Advocate In The Best Way [Video]

Fox Host Watters Eats Medium Rare Steak In Front Of Feminist Animal Rights Advocate.

Humans have been eating meat for centuries and meat is a big part of our diet. It is a good source of protein and tastes delicious. So it is beyond me how it became so trendy not to eat it. From the vegetarians to the vegans or the people who claim that they are no longer eating red meat, they all seem to be losing out on tasty vitamin rich protein. Opinions are fine as long as they don’t infringe upon others rights. But this Feminist Professor has taken her opinion to the next level.

Dr. Anne DeLessio-Parson claims to have linked eating meat to ‘toxic masculinity’ and patriarchy. She believes so much in this opinion that she wrote a paper on it. Fox Host Jesse Watters had her on his show where she made the outrageous claims that we are “bad neighbors” to animals and that we should provide “universal healthcare for animals.”

Watters got to the heart of the matter when he asked her about the topic of her paper: “How does eating meat make the genders unequal?” She replied “Eating meat holds a lot of symbolism, and it really is too much to explain in 4 minutes. But it has to do with the fact that our individual level decisions, the things we decide to do as individuals. What we consume, what we put in our bodies, the things we buy and put in our households, are fundamentally politically acts.” Thats when a steak was brought for Watters. She commented that she “wished she could have half of that (the Steak) but this doesn’t look vegan.”

Watters went on to explain that the steak was cooked just right at medium rare to which Parson replied: “Yeah that’s some nice dead animal you have on your fork.” Parson then explained that if he had hunted and killed the animal it would have been ‘ok’ but since he had not killed the animal it wasn’t. She then spouted a line about how “people judge societies by how they treat their animals.” That’s a new one.

Watters later asked her whats wrong with eating animals if they are delicious and there for us to eat? She responded with this loaded question “Because God said so. Did God tell you that?”

Towards the end of the interview, she berated Host Watters claiming that “he was taking up more than his fair share” because he was able to afford a steak.

Watch Watts Eat Steak In Front Of The Wannabe Vegan.

Is this what doctors look like nowadays? Has our educational system really stooped to this unacceptable level where Universities are turning out this type of nonsense? I’m glad he ate that steak as she is just ridiculous, writing slanderous papers that she couldn’t even partially explain in four minutes. I don’t know about everyone else but I buy food that tastes good not because of some secret agenda, but because of my taste buds and the need to eat to survive. If anything you could argue that her paper is just anti-male propaganda written by an anti-male feminist, who is looking for attention without a mere fact to back up her stance.