Game Of Thrones We Have Some Good News For You!

Good news! Game of Thrones Filming, for the final season, has finally begun, but there’s more! A few key actors were spotted in a cast photo released and quickly deleted. So who might survive the finale?

Remember how in season 7 you were led to believe Tormund died at the end of season 7 when the wall fell at Castel Black? One fan spotted Kristofer Hivju, the actor who plays Tormund,  at Belfast. Belfast is the headquarters of production for the show.

In the photos, Hivju is standing net to Ben Crompton, the actor who plays Dolorous Edd. Dolorous was scarcely seen throughout season 7, so fans are dying to find out what’s in store.

Watching the wall collapsed beneath Tormund was painful for most fans. After all, he IS a fan-favorite. We think it is safe to say the two will be involved in the final season. It’s unclear if Tormund survived the fall or if the actor is returning to film a glorious death.

Just check out these teaser tweets below.


As Reported By Laura Bradley With Vanity Fair.

Going into its final season, the HBO juggernaut’s plot points are all, as always, closely guarded secrets. But in the wake of the massive hack the company faced earlier this year, even more, secrecy precautions are being taken than ever before. As actor Liam Cunningham (Ser Davos) recently told IGN, he already has all six scripts—but he can’t open them, “because of all the security, and I can’t walk ‘em out.” We’re not sure what that means, but we’re guessing this time around, HBO is not putting any sensitive material on any kind of networked device. Perhaps they have an old Windows 95 computer with a closely guarded password sitting in an Irish basement? Or maybe one of those Girl Tech password journals from the early aughts, which only opens to David Benioff’s voice?