Girl Ends Up At Hospital After Concert For The Oddest Reason

Concert Going Girl Gets Too Loud During One Direction Concert.

According to a Journal Of Emergency Medicine report, one devoted fan was little too enthusiastic with her screaming at a concert. The 16-year-old girl was experiencing a shortness of breath after attending a One Direction concert. She decided that having been over excited and screaming over zealously she would sleep it off, thinking that her throat just needed time to recuperate.

The next day the teen woke up to find that she was still short of breath so she went to the Emergency Room. Initially, medical attendants thought little of the injury thinking that it was simply a sore throat due to the screaming at the concert. However, after closer inspection, they came to find there was something odd going on. Although her lungs sounded fine when doctors pressed down on her skin around her neck there was a weird feeling.

The Plots Thickens

“It felt like they were crushing Rice Krispies beneath their fingers,” Dr.Slaughter Jr. stated, the resident of Emergency Medicine at the time.

This condition is called Crepitus which is caused when air leaks into soft tissue beneath the skin. When pressed upon the skin will make sounds similar to that of Rice Krispies cereal and milk. Having discovered this condition Doctors jumped into action and ran more tests on the teen.

X-rays revealed that the soft tissue wasn’t the only place that the air had leaked to. Doctors found that there was air around many of her organs including around her heart, and between her lungs. This was far from the original diagnosis. They now realized that the girl was suffering from pneumothorax which is more commonly known as Collapsed Lung.

This condition might sound serious and can be, but luckily for the teen, her case was mild. The Doctors speculated that the girl had so forcefully screamed at the concert that air had somehow escaped her respiratory tract. Doctors ran more test to see if they could find any holes in her respiratory tract but were unable to do so.

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The girl also had type 1 diabetes, according to the report, and at times, that can put people at risk of air escaping from the respiratory tract into other body cavities, Slaughter Jr. said. This could happen if a person’s blood sugar levels are too high, leading the body to produce acidic compounds called ketones. These compounds make the blood very acidic, so the body tries to fix the condition by breathing really fast to get rid of the acid. That rapid breathing could lead to tears in the respiratory tract.

But the doctors tested the girl’s blood and found she wasn’t experiencing this condition, Slaughter Jr. said.

Ultimately, the doctors couldn’t pinpoint exactly what caused the air escaping out of the girl’s respiratory tract.

The girl stayed in the hospital overnight and was given oxygen, according to the report. The next day, her condition hadn’t gotten any worse, and she was allowed to go home. The patient fully recovered, the report said.

The case report was published Oct. 4 in the Journal of Emergency Medicine.