Must Read: “I’m the truck driver delivering America’s Christmas tree”.

The pride and honor this truckdriver receives from delivering ‘the peoples Christmas tree’ is inspiring to say the least. Larry Spiekermeier is a professional truck driver with Whitewood Transport in Montana. He’s not your average trucker, though. Larry has been entrusted with delivering the nation’s Christmas tree.

In the midsts of all of the hustle from black Friday’s, Cyber Mondays, and politicals scurry, it’s nice to draw our attention back to what matters. Things like faith, family, and friends. Those things that drive us through our days and keep us trucking along, the same goes for Larry. Unlike most of us, Larry has been entrusted with the tremendous honor of delivering ‘America’s tree’. Larry put together an account of his journey and what it means to him. What he’s witnessed across this great country is an excellent read and a great place to start your Christmas season.

As written by By Larry Spiekermeier for Fox News.

November 13th, I departed Montana for a two-week adventure to make the 3,460-mile journey from the Kootenai National Forest to our nation’s capital. Day after day, I’ve been rolling across the country, with stops in Missouri, Kentucky, West Virginia and Virginia, where thousands of people have gathered to take part in this annual and festive journey.

I am grateful and proud of my job. Trucking really moves America. The industry provides one out of every 16 jobs. Some may be surprised to know that 80 percent of our communities in America rely solely on trucking for the delivery of their goods that keeps us running. The trucking industry also makes investments to improve safety and protect the environment, providing billions of dollars to develop the most modern trucks to keep us all safe, which is our highest priority.

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