The NFL On A Well Deserved Losing Streak

The NFL Is Finally Getting What It Deserves As Advertisers Give Their Ultimatum.

The NFL has taken a major blow with the loss of their biggest sponsor Papa John’s Pizza. Now there are talks of further financial ruin for the NFL. The NFL has been a constant center of controversy as they can’t seem to keep their players under control. By condoning players like Kaepernick to kneel during the National Anthem, the football league has allowed a public display of disrespect, of the Flag, as well as the U.S. soldiers that fight for it. After months of taking little to no real action to correct the situation, they are now about to receive a big blow.

NBC advertisers have threatened to back out:

“a list of advertisers have made themselves very clear: if you continue covering the political coverage of the issue, we will not be part of the NFL,” she said. “Because think about it: they have half the country that is cheering about that, and they have half the country that is emailing them, saying, don’t do that. So that’s a real thing.”

It’s about time that Advertisers start to back out as the NFL should never have allowed this form of unpatriotic protest to begin with. Some Americans have boycotted the games which helped Papa John’s to make the decision to leave but for some reason, The National Football League can’t get it through their thick heads that they need take action.

Trump and Pence have already previously spoken out against the unpatriotic kneeling but I guess it comes down to the phrase you can’t fix stupid.

Watch the newsreel below.

As Reported By Amanda Shea,

In a letter to the editor of the IslandPacket, Anne Quigley of Bluffton, South Carolina, proposed a perfect idea in response to the National Football League disrespecting the nation and that’s to take “National” out of the name. While “Football League” would suffice for what they are, she suggested that they replace “National” with a word that perfectly describes what these players really are.

“I would submit that the players in the National Football League who do not want to stand for the national anthem should change the name of their organization to remove the word “national,” Quigley wrote. “Perhaps they could be the Disgruntled Football League?”

This woman is absolutely right that if these millionaire players want to continue to disrespect the nation that provides them an incredible living for playing a game, then they should change their name to accurately reflect their attitudes. It should actually go even further than that, in that anybody who hate America while taking advantage of our freedoms to make those statements, should be fired from the public eye since sending such a message is an abuse to their platform and actual “privilege,” which they think they don’t have.

It’s doubtful that the name will change, despite the fact that it should, but one thing has changed for certain the NFL may never recover from it. The once respected sport and America’s favorite is a shadow of its former glory. The league has lost all respect and only time will tell if they can get it back. However, it’s already too late to salvage this season.