Shapiro Offers A Solution To Help End Black Violence

Shapiro Addresses Black Violence And Offers An Interesting Solution.

During a Q&A session after his talk at The University Of Connecticut Ben Shapiro was asked a tough question “One of my questions is you talk about this culture between black and black violence. What is your solution, then, to that?”

Shapiro quick as a whip fired back with a simple answer ‘Don’t commit crimes.” But was then asked to elaborate. So he did and provided what he felt would be a potential solution to Black Violence.

It can be summed up in the four points below.

“Increased policing; a cultural focus on fathers staying in the home and mothers not bearing children out of wedlock; and an individual commitment not to commit crimes.”

Shapiro believes that there is lack of a police presence in high crime areas which is causing the crime rate to rise in these areas a people do not face consequences for their actions when there are not any police around to stop them. So a police presence alone could help create a less crime-stricken area.

He feels fathers need to stay with the family and mother’s need to stop bearing children while unmarried.

“This is true in white communities and black communities. One of the great tragedies of the last four decades in the United States is that the single motherhood rate has risen not just in the black community, from 20 percent in 1960 to over 70 percent now, but in five percent in the white community to over 40 percent now. That’s a huge jump in both communities; young men, particularly, do need a male influence there to curb them. As a man who was once young, I can attest to this. So I think that’s another aspect.”

He goes on to say that once a heavy crime area is able to bring it’s crime rates down to normal, the area will start to prosper and create a better atmosphere for the community that lives there.

Watch Shapiro’s Response Below.

Seems easy enough. Another thing that would probably help us is societal shaming of father’s that don’t take care of their kids. It seems like it’s almost a social norm but Father’s should be there for their kids and the fact that they are stepping out after creating a child is unacceptable.

Shapiro’s solution needs to be implemented there is no reason that in 2018 we still have high crime areas. If we can handle this problem then we could advance together as a society.