Elon Musk Claims Some Countries Need To Start Doing What God Intended

Famed Scientist Elon Musk Claims Multiple Countries Have A Population Problem.

Elon Musk, Famous Entrepreneur, creator of Space X and Tesla has some news for you. If you happen to live in Japan, China, or a country that has had Population Growth concerns. Countries where the government told its people that they could only have one child or two at the maximum.

“Have Lots of Babies.” Elon Musk stated.

He is referring to the aging population in these cultures where there had been birth bans. The problem is that even now when they have had the bans lifted the culture and people feel that one is enough. So now you have the vast majority of populations that are older and are going to need help.

“In Japan adult diapers outsell baby diapers.” 

It is currently an upcoming problem for China and Japan but Europe is not far behind. Since it is an upcoming problem not much is being done to combat this. Some even think that the countries in question could just import people. But that would be trying to import upwards of “700 million people” which is easier said than done.

Bottom line is these countries need to be “fruitful and multiply.”

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As Reported By Glenn T Stanton, Thefederalist.com

“Our Problem Isn’t Too Many People—It’s Too Few

So ours is not a food and space problem, but one of stewardship and distribution. Politics rather than procreation and production. This is what Musk, and many others, are saying.

But when a nation’s population is crumbling, it becomes vulnerable to other nations acquiring it. Those negotiations consist of bombs and guns. And babies who are never born will not become the people who innovate solutions to our environmental challenges.