US Backed Rebels Get Ready To Strike

US Sponsored Rebels Are Ready To Capture The City Of Raqqa.

The US supported rebels are getting ready to march in the north Syrian city, Raqqa. The US back troops the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) are continuing to fight the ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq) and ISIL backed group Levant.

“What will take time is clearing the city from the booby traps and landmines placed by ISIL fighters,”

The battle, according to an SDF spokesperson will not take long. Raqqa was the enemy stronghold for 3 years but now over 90% of it has been liberated. They believe that there may be as many as 500 enemy combatants remaining.

The SDF started their main offensive back in the first week of June with the help of US Air Support. Now ISIL is only present in the centermost part of the city, primarily in the stadium and hospital.

The US-led forces have done all they can to help prevent civilian casualties but many critics believe otherwise.

Watch the Video from when the offensives origins below.

As Reported By Zenna Tahhan,

Sarmad Al Jilane, co-founder of Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently, a citizen journalist group, said the SDF and the coalition have failed to protect civilians. Adding that more than 150,000 civilians have already fled the city.

The United Nations estimates that there are up to 25,000 civilians trapped inside Raqqa, with very limited access to basic supplies such as food, water, and fuel.


Al Jilane said the camps that were set up for refugees by the SDF in the northern suburbs of Raqqa “are similar to prisons”.

At least 400,000 civilians have been killed since 2011 when the Syrian conflict began as a largely unarmed uprising against the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

More than half of Syria’s prewar population has been displaced, with an estimated 4.8 million seeking refuge in neighboring countries.