Trump Takes Care Of Business, Cuts Funding To Palestinians For Peace.

Trump Cuts UN Funding To Promote Peace.

The UN has been overstepping its bounds and should have long been defunded awhile ago, as it continuously works against the US. Just a few months ago like a broken record, the UN tried to push for an end to the Cuban trading embargo to which Nikki Haley reminded them their place.

The US is the biggest contributor to the UN and always has been but enough is enough. The Palestinian President has been bashing the US and promoting anti-US and Israel rhetoric to his people. Upon hearing of the news that Jerusalem would be the new capital of Israel and that the US would be moving their embassy there the President of the Palestinians said

“Abbas reportedly warned of “dangerous consequences” if the United States recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and relocated the U.S. Embassy, according to Haaretz. He added that “the Palestinian stance is determined and steadfast — there will not be a Palestinian state without East Jerusalem as its capital, according to decisions by the international community.”

These kinds of threats cannot be tolerated. So the US has stepped up. Nikki Haley had suggested we cut all funding to the Palestinians until they come to their senses but others felt a more delicate approach was necessary.

Haley wants a complete cutoff in U.S. money until the Palestinians resume peace talks with Israel that have been frozen for years. But Tillerson, Mattis and others say ending all assistance would exacerbate instability in the Mideast, notably in Jordan, a host to hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees and a crucial U.S. strategic partner.”

The U.S. donated $355 million in 2016 and was set to make a similar contribution this year; the first installment was to have sent this month.

But after a highly critical Jan. 2 tweet from Trump on aid to the Palestinians, the State Department opted to wait for a formal policy decision before sending any of the $125 million.”

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This is why we are cutting our contribution to The UNRWA by half from a payment of 125 million down to 60 million. The UNRWA is the organization that provides relief to the Palestinians but the cut may not be enough there is talk of how they are misusing the funds as it is.

The “UNRWA has proven time and again to be an agency that misuses the humanitarian aid of the international community and instead supports anti-Israel propaganda, perpetuates the plight of Palestinian refugees and encourages hate,” Israel’s Ambassador to the U.N. Danny Danon stated bluntly.”

According to Reuters we have sent the lesser contribution earlier this week and followed through.

I think I’m with Nikki Haley on this one, we should have just cut the contribution entirely until they shape up and start talking peace. Why should we be paying to spread hate against our own country and our ally Israel?