Parents Call Biden ‘Disgusting’ Feel Abandoned After Joe Makes Formula Shortage Worse

New data is coming in, and reports from parents reporting the formula shortage is worse than ever.

Many are taking to social media to voice their frustration calling Biden “disgusting” for letting the formula shortage continue.

According to retailers, 30% of the nation’s entire stock of baby formula is gone despite Biden’s promise for “help.”

The Dailymail reported:

A Virginia family was forced to feed their toddler expired infant formula amid the worsening shortage.

The Arroyo family, whose two-year-old daughter Ellie solely relies on the Abbott Nutrition formula EleCare, has been struggling to find food for their toddler since early 2022.

‘Our situation has not changed at all,’ Jillian Arroyo told WUSA-TV on Wednesday. ‘We are still feeding our child expired formula because that is what we have.’

Jillian and her husband, Chris – who first shared their story with in May – say they have been unable to track down EleCare for Ellie.

The couple had reached out to their local pharmacies, grocers and pediatrician, but were unsuccessful in getting Ellie the food she needs.

Chris says he is frustrated at the Biden Administration for giving families the vague timeline of ‘upcoming weeks,’ when discussing solutions to the shortage.

Back in May, the Biden administration were in as much denial about the shortage as they are now about the United States being in a recession.

What’s even more egregious is that Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said the exact opposite the day before on CBS’s “Face The Nation” with host Margaret Brennan.

Brennan asked, “How is the administration making sure that those essential ingredients that are actually required for something like formula are actually available?”

“So a shortage of ingredients is not what led to the shutdown of the facility–,” Pete said as he was interrupted by Brennan.

“No, it is a factor that has led to price. Inflation is one of the factors among many that has been blamed for months of problems with baby formula even before the recall in February,” Brennan responded.

“Right, but America has the productive capacity to create the baby formula that we need. I think what–,” Buttigieg answered and began to blame private businesses.

Parents and children are suffering, and it’s all Joe Biden’s fault.