Can You Believe Time Magazine Almost Picked These Degenerates For Person Of The Year?!

Time Magazine Includes Kaepernick And Kim Jong Un As Candidates For Person Of The Year.

Time Magazine has picked The Silence Breakers as the 2017 person of the year which is a fine choice but number six on their list is the Disrespectful Colin Kaepernick. Out of all the many possible people that could have been considered somehow Time magazine thought that Kaepernick’s actions were not only acceptable but were actions that deserved honorable recognition.

Times Magazine also recognized Kim Jong Un, the North Korean leader that is currently in the process of Threatening the Globe with Nuclear attacks. But with the Anti-American Kaepernick as a person of the year choice, it only makes sense that the irrational magazine would also be against the welfare of the World. And Somehow for the pro nuclearization of a Tyrannical Dictator.

The one choice that really made sense was that Trump was on the list as number two as he is influential, Patriotic and he is going to change the world for the better. Making America Great again despite the best efforts of the Liberal Media, politicians, minority groups, and oblivious Hilary Supporters.

Time magazine may claim that it chooses their person based on greatest change but Kaepernick and Kim Jong Un should have never been in the running. They do not deserve the recognition or time that the Time Magazine is sadly willing to give them.

Watch The Clip About The 2017 Person Of The Year Below.

 Sean Gregory, From

According to an HBO/Marist poll, 47% of Americans thought athletes should be required to stand during the anthem; 51% believed no rule should exist. Many questioned why athletes needed to broadcast their message at a moment traditionally reserved for saluting the flag and the military that protects it. David McCraw, the owner of the Palmetto Restaurant and Ale House in Greenville, S.C., stopped showing NFL games in September in his own protest, then says he watched business rise 20% the following month. A Savannah, Ga.–based company called Nine Line Apparel has sold more than 30,000 I Stand For Our National Anthem shirts since the protests began. “They will never understand what it’s like to lose a friend overseas, carry him back home with a flag draped over his casket, and hand that flag over to his child,” says CEO Tyler Merritt, an Army veteran. “They are acting out of ignorance.”