Democrats Threaten Social Media For Russian Propaganda ‘Take It Down Or We Will’.

‘Hillary would have won if it wasn’t for you pesky ads’: Democrats have been adamant that the Russian funded ads ultimately cause Hillary’s defeat in the 2016 presidential elections. Not her flip-flopping past, not because Hillary has a long proven track record of distrust with the American people, not even Wikileaks, but ads cost Hillary to lose the election.

Dems have been claiming fowl since Trump’s victorious win and their sad little violin has become more of a joke than threatening. What’s truly mind-blowing is that their ‘complaint’ comes out during the DNC-Clinton- Russia scandal.  Now the liberals are taking their ‘fight’ to the social media moguls- Facebook, Google, and Twitter.


“I must say, I don’t think you get it. You’re general counsels, you defend your company. What we’re talking about is a cataclysmic change. What we’re talking about is the beginning of cyber warfare. What we’re talking about is a major foreign power with the sophistication and ability to involve themselves in a presidential election and sow conflict and discontent all over this country. We are not going to go away, gentlemen. And this is a very big deal. I went home last night with profound disappointment. I asked specific questions, I got vague answers. And that just won’t do. You have a huge problem on your hands. And the US is going to be the first of the countries to bring it to your attention, and other countries are going to follow I’m sure. Because you bear this responsibility.”

As written by Ben Shapiro with Daily Wire.

On Wednesday, lawyers for Facebook, Twitter and Google faced down Democratic lawmakers who essentially threatened them for not shutting down Russian propaganda during the 2016 election cycle. Democrats have been adamant that distribution of Russian propaganda on social media played a major role in Hillary Clinton’s election defeat, and are now seeking to use that assumption as a lever to regulate the internet giants.

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) complained that the platforms had been “misused.” She threatened, “you have to be the ones who do something about it – or we will.”

Feinstein wasn’t the only Democrat talking about cracking down on First Amendment exercise for purposes of preventing foreign election interference. Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) stated, “We’d like to walk out of here knowing the changes you’re going to support.”