The DNC Shows Their True Nature With This Email

An Email Reveals How The DNC Really Feels About Inclusion.

The Democratic National Convention (DNC)’s Data Manager Madeleine Leader sent an email out to staff expressing how they were in need of 8 more employees in the tech department. That email would have been fine had it been any normal company, but it’s anything but normal, it is the DNC, home of the overly Politically Correct. Politically Correct to that point where regular pronouns have become offensive, where people agree with the phrase “The White man is keeping me down.”

The email is just another fine example of this where somehow people think inclusion means everyone except white people. The email started out fine stating the basic needs, like what positions were opening and then it went downhill. “We are focusing on hiring and maintaining a staff of diverse voices and life experiences.” This is a fine statement until you read further down and realize that by diverse she means no white males because they apparently oversaturate the market.

To be clear this is not reading between the lines she literally states it. “I personally would prefer that you not forward to cisgender straight white males, since they are already in the majority.”

Apparently, over at the DNC, they don’t believe in hiring the most qualified for the job regardless of race or gender. No, they choose to discriminate against white males because white males according to Madeleine Leader are not diverse enough. Heterosexuality is also somehow a disqualifying factor, so maybe the new DNC motto should read “A Better Deal: Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Wages, Straight White Men Need Not Apply.”

The email was leaked by someone in staff that thought that discriminating against white males might be hypocritical to their regular we accept all ideology.

A source from inside the DNC stated:

“Clearly the DNC is doubling down on a failed strategy that has alienated staffers and voters alike. We want to be judged based on the quality of our work, not on identity politics. How can we trust the leadership of the DNC if they don’t even trust us?”

This is nothing new from a corrupt organization like the DNC that rigged the primaries to make Hilary win over Sanders. When it was brought to the Public’s attention Democrats didn’t care enough to even stop Hilary from going on to be defeated by Trump.

Watch the Video Below About Discrimination stats.

As Reported By The Daily Wire, Elliot Hamilton.

The Daily Wire contacted Ms. Leader about the contents of her email, but she declined to comment.

After the latest scandals to plague the Democratic National Committee during the 2016 presidential election, the new leadership under Tom Perez and Keith Ellison (D-MN) seek to rebrand the party as a more inclusive and welcoming community. Unfortunately, this email doesn’t exactly help their case.