Columnist Suggests Strong-Arm Move To Put Putin ‘Back In His Box’ [Video]

Washington Examiner Author Believes He Knows How To Reel Putin back in but could this tactic really work?

Tensions are rising between Russia and the United States’ allies, some are saying to the point of breaking. Britan and Russia have traded irritating blows since the mysterious poisoning of an ex-Russian spy and his daughter on British soil, which Putin denies any connection to. The issue has led both countries to expel 23 foreign ambassadors, each.

Tom Rogan, from the Washington Examiner, believes a strong-arm move will put the Russian dictator back in his place. By Rogan’s account, having a united front from the allied-nations (The U.S., Britan, France, and Germany) will be the show of force needed to back the president down.

Which has worked well in the past, as seen during the stand-off Georgia in 2008, where George W. Bush essentially dared Putin to shoot down the Hercules C-130 aircraft, of course, Putin did not. With Russia’s presidential elections underway what impact will new sanctions have in the current climate?


As Written By Tom Rogan with the Washington Examiner:

If Russia follows through on its foreign minister (and eloquent troll) Sergey Lavrov’s threat, and expels British diplomats from Moscow, then Britain, France, Germany, and the U.S. should expel Russia’s ambassadors to their capitals. Although that might seem like an excessive escalation, there are two reasons why it would be appropriate.

First, the Skripal hit was an unprecedented outrage on British soil. As well as putting two civilians under British care in critical condition, the attack left a police officer seriously ill and endangered the population of Salisbury. Even setting aside how outrageous this attempted assassination is in itself, Russian President Vladimir Putin could have at least chosen a limited attack methodology to kill Skripal without endangering so many others.

Second, thus far, Prime Minister Theresa May’s response…

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