Popular Grocery Chain Caves To Liberal Pressure

Kroger Grocery Store Chain Gives Into Liberals And Ban Gun Related Reading Material

Liberals have taken advantage of the recent tragedy and have set into motion an Anti-Gun movement that is scaring some retailers into action. Retailers such as Walmart, Dicks, and Kroger are bending over backward to appear sympathetic.

Walmart and Dicks have both upped their gun age requirement to 21 and Kroger who owns Fred Meyers followed suit. But apparently that wasn’t absurd enough and Kroger decided that it needed to up its game.

Kroger took that extra step and removed all of its magazines that related to guns because you know just the sight of them might trigger a Liberal.

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According To Conservative Tribune.

“Along with the memo came an accompanying list which specifically named 57 publications which were to be removed and no longer sold, such as: “Guns & Ammo, Guns Magazine, Firearm News, Military Surplus, Modern Firearms, On Target, Recoil, Rifle Shooter, S.W.A.T.,  Special Weapons, Tactical Firearms, Gun Buyer Annual, Gun Guide, Gun World, and World of Firepower,” to name just a few.

The broad list, as well as any unnamed publication which may also fall under the imposed ban on “assault weapons content” — no doubt to include the various publications of the National Rifle Association — would seem to signify that Kroger was comfortable in siding with the vocal anti-gun advocates at the risk of angering customers who may be lawful owners of the targeted class of firearms, a business decision they may come to regret.

The Shooting Wire noted that while some people may not find the removal of certain firearms-related magazines as that big of a deal, it is a crushing blow to publishers who already operate in a declining market with razor-thin margins, as well as their loyal readers

“In many locations, grocery stores are essentially the only remaining newsstands of any size and comprehensive variety. They’re the single best link between publishers and their potential readers,” noted The Shooting Wire. “If your titles are removed, you lose the potential to reach those readers. Without those sites, your distribution universe is also diminished.

Lower distribution means lower revenues and already-tight numbers become even more constricting.”

Well, at least now we know which businesses cater to the Liberal Nonsense.