Fail: Protesters Attempt To Derail James Comey’s Graduates Speech.

A Small Group Of Protesters At Howard University Chant Loudly During The Graduate’s Speech.

Before James Comey, Former FBI Director, couldn’t begin his speech a small group of protesters erupts into loud chants. The group can be heard saying things like “No peace no justice” and “White supremacy is not a debate”. Their voices so overbearingly loud it appears impossible to address them.

After a few moment, Comey’s addresses the crowd, “I just listened to you for five munites,” Calmly replies, explaining he hopes they would stay to listen. As Comey commends the student’s spirit, continues on with his speech despite the crowd refusing to yield.


Protesters Interrupt James Comey’s Speech.

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“To0 often”, Comey said, others “aren’t looking to learn anything about you”

Much of the world is “a place where people are on sides rather than trying to understand are they still on the right side. They care mostly about their side winning.,” he said.

“Howard University has always been different which is why I wanted to be a part of it,” Comey said, as the protesters continued to chant.

He characterized Howard as an “island” that has managed to incubate itself from much of the conflict and frenzy of the real world. That separation affords Howard’s students a rare opportunity to learn and shape themselves, Comey said.

“There is simply too little time taken in the rest of the real world to reflect, to think, to try to reshape the world and yourself. The rest of the real world is a place where it’s hard sometimes to find people who will listen with an attitude that they might actually be convinced of something,” he said. “Instead, what happens in the rest of the real world — and about four rows in this auditorium — is that people don’t listen at all, they just try to figure out what rebuttal they’re going to offer when you’re done speaking. Sometimes they will pause briefly before telling you-you’re an idiot.”