Ben Shapiro On The New School Safety Bill: There Is No Reason It Shouldn’t Pass [Video]

New Bill To Help School Be better prepared for attacks and threats passes the House.

The new School Safety Bill does not intel gun-control but instead offers federal funding to beef up security at schools. Of course, liberals hate it but so far it has passed the House. There is absolutely no reason for liberals to fight this Bill other than it doesn’t accommodate their anti-gun agenda.

Already the Bill has caught some flack from the left. The question now is; will it pass the Senate? Shapiro gives a 2-minute brief on the Bill for you chew on. Take a look.


 “This bill, on its own, is not the kind of meaningful congressional action needed to address this crisis of gun violence,” Representative Steny Hoyer, the No. 2 House Democrat, said in a statement According to Reuters.

“This must be a first step and it must be followed by a serious effort to pass legislation that expands background checks and bans military-style assault weapons,” he said.

 It was not yet clear when the Senate would take up the House bill, which would not become law without Senate approval.

President Donald Trump applauded the House bill, the White House said, though it falls far short of broader gun control legislation he talked about shortly after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

A backlash has already begun from the left for the Bill’s lack of gun-control clause. An issue that should rightfully be handled by each State and not on the Federal level.

New York Magazine saying the Bill ‘Ignores Guns’ in their latest Piece:

The U.S. House on Wednesday passed its first piece of legislation aimed at preventing massacres like the one that took place last month in Parkland, Florida — and it included nothing about guns.

Approved by a 407–10 vote, the Stop School Violence Act provides up to $75 million each year for the next decade to increase school safety measures, including metal detectors, locks, and training programs to help teachers spot potential problems.

While some might already see the Bill as a failure, President Tump sends praise to the House for taking the first steps to action. The Bill, of course, is one of many yet to come to help prevent a school massacre like the one seen at the Lakeland high school.