Biden’s Problems Get Even More Humiliating: WH Tries To Keep Quiet After Another Major Player In The West Wing Jumps Ship

Staffers and major players inside the White House are starting to drop like flies as the Biden administration completely falls apart.

It is well known that White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is heady for a cushy deal at MSNBC but she isn’t the only one getting out of town.

Biden’s speechwriter Jeffrey Nussbaum unexpectedly announced on April 26, 2022, that he would be leaving his post at the White House and he couldn’t look happier.

Can you really blame the guy?

Imagine trying to write for an administration that continually contradicts itself and the guy giving your speeches can’t form a complete sentence.

The only job that could be worse is the staffer trying to find someone to replace Nussbaum.

Two other officials are also getting out of town.

Elizabeth Wilkins, senior adviser to the White House Chief of Staff is leaving and Daleep Singh, deputy national security advisor, and designer of the failed Russia sanctions will be taking a leave of absence.

It was Singh who infamously claimed that domestic oil production would not ease energy costs.

The White House is struggling to find replacements; from the Washington Post:

The White House is still determining how to fill Singh’s role when he leaves, and among the officials under consideration for the job is Mike Pyle, chief economic adviser to Vice President Harris. The White House declined to comment.

Before joining the White House, Singh worked as the head of the markets team at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and at the Treasury Department during the Obama administration.

The administration is imploding, below is just a small example.

On the same day Dr. Fauci, Mr. “science” himself said that the pandemic is over, here’s how Press Secretary Jen Psaki responded.