Something To Be Thankful For During This Holiday

We Should All Be Thankful For The Men And Women Who Choose To Be Emergency First Responders On This Day Of Family And Thanks.

In this climate of shootings and sex scandals popping up almost every day, it is nice to see a story where human decency is showcased. It is almost needed to remind us all that despite the media’s central focus on blood and scandal there is still a lot of good out there. These Austrailian Paramedics show us just that.

Being a paramedic is a stressful job with its highs and lows constantly dealing with life and death. A job where fighting to keep our families loved ones’ alive goes beyond a nine to five. In Queensland, Austrailia, Paramedics went above and beyond the call of life-saving by granting a dying woman one last request.

A woman that was dying asked her Paramedics, Danielle Kellam and Graeme Cooper if they could fulfill her dying wish of seeing the ocean one last time. The Paramedics did just that taking a detour off to Hervey Bay. During this first trip to the beach with the Paramedics, she told them about her life and how she had lived in the area with her husband years before. After spending some time with them at the beach she thanked them and said: “I’m at peace, everything is right”.  The Paramedics then drove her home.

A week later she met the Paramedics again as she was being brought to palliative care ( Care meant to make the dying more comfortable) what they all knew was her last ride leaving her home behind. This time the paramedics asked her if she wanted to go to the beach to which she gratefully replied: “Could We?”

As Reported By Janelle Miles, The Courier-Mail

He made sure he picked a “really good spot”.

“She could see the pier, Fraser Island, right through to Point Vernon,” he said.

He then took a vomit bag down to the water’s edge, filled it with salt water and brought it back to his patient so she could put her hand in the ocean again.