WATCH: Antifa Just Learned Why You Should NEVER Pick A Fight With A Motorcycle Gang

Antifa members tried to shut down the Honky Tonk bar in Salem, Oregon and started a feud with a biker gang.

Days before the dust-up, an Antifa cell called for direct action against the “Honky Tonk Bar” because they were hosting a family barbecue and hosting a discussion about the crisis at the border.


According to a report from the Post Millennial many dangerous members of the far-left group lead the attack:

Among the members of Antifa at the failed direct action included Clifford Eiffler-Rodriguez, who was previously arrested for allegedly assaulting a female police officer at a violent Salem protest on Aug. 10, 2021, when Antifa gathered to attack participants of a street church protest outside Planned Parenthood. Eiffler-Rodriguez was wearing a blue top and shouting from a bullhorn at Saturday’s direct action.
Antifa member Anthony A. Amoss was also one of the militants at the Antifa direct action in Salem, Ore. on Saturday. He pleaded guilty last week in federal court for doing over $164k in damages to a federal courthouse.

In the footage below, a group of bikers approaches the group with their faces covered as the pushing and yelling broke out.

“Get off my f—ng car, c—nt,” a woman yells as a scuffle breaks out and pepper spray flies into the air.

As the skirmish continues Antifa is pushed back and struck by bikers after they witness a women being hit.

“Stop hitting women, you piece of sh—,” an individual can be heard yelling.

Soon thereafter, Antifa was in a full retreat as other bikers showed up and pushed the group away.

The far left group appears to have started a feud and they appear to have bitten off more than they can chew.