Wow: UK Sniper Killed 6 ISIS Fighters With A Single Bullet? [Video]

What a shot! Even if you could call this dumb luck, what later came out about the sniper makes us believe he might be UK’s Greatest Marksman.

This amazing UK sniper killed six Afghan insurgents with a single shot. The 20-year-old UK sniper was defending a position in southern Afghanistan when he observed what appeared to be enemy activity near a tree lines on 850 meters from his sniper’s nest. After positively identifying the targets as enemy combatants the sniper zeroed in on an individual carrying a machine gun.
Unknown to the sniper the target was wearing a suicide vest which exploded as he was hit by the bullet. The blast was powerful enough to kill six insurgents and the sniper was commended for preventing a serious attack on British forces. It has also emerged that the same unnamed sniper shot and killed a Taliban machine gunner at a range of a thousand three hundred and forty meters earlier in 2013. That is an impressive shot by any standards. Take a look.


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