There’s A Storm Brewing At CNN: New Owners Are About To Expose CNN Anchors Corruption, ‘This Is About 1,000 Miles Outside…

Shortly after the news broke that CNN’s new streaming service CNN+ was being terminated by Warner Bros Discovery a board member leaked a statement. The words from the board member revealed that there is a lot going on behind the scenes as the new owners take over and a storm is brewing.

Shortly after CNN+ was terminated a board member at Discovery told a member of the press that the service was “emblematic of how Zucker used CNN as his private playground and political operation masquerading as a news channel” They continued to say  “that non-news apparatus and its members will be jettisoned like CNN+ in the coming days.”

Just days later, a member of Discovery’s team told media reporter Jon Nicosia that things are worse than they could have imagined. The incoming Discovery executive team told Nicosia that “CNN’s skeletons are starting to fall out.” The incoming team has discovered evidence that network executives and anchors were holding daily meetings with “Rep. Adam Schiff during Trump’s impeachments.”

“This is about 1000 miles outside journalistic ethics,” the Warner Bros. Discovery team member said.

Many of us suspected that was happening but until now there was never any proof.

In the coming days, it appears that Discovery is going to use the collusion to “jettison” the employees so they can “fix” the network.