You Won’t Believe What Marilyn Manson Claims Ruined His Career.

Attention Seeking Marilyn Manson, Still In Bad Taste.

Marilyn Manson did what he does best, he repulsed the general public yet again. The Gothic Musician at a recent concert in San Bernardino, California for some odd reason decided to mock the latest mass shooting. Manson was wheeled out on stage in a wheelchair due to a leg injury. He came out on the stage wielding a fake assault rifle attached to a microphone and used the toy to pretend to shoot the crowd while singing “We know Where You F***ing Live.” If that’s not the pinnacle of poor taste.

The Crude Manson did this to stir up controversy in hopes to bring his music career back from the dead. I can’t see how pretending to shoot your crowd after the Vegas shooting would make anyone rush out to buy your music. But then again I was never a fan of mocking tragedies or horrible music.

This isn’t his first time he has used Mass shootings to get attention, he claimed that his music career was ruined by the Columbine Shooting. He complained that since the two shooters were big fans of his that he was blamed by the public and seen as partially responsible. Through Manson’s mockery of the tragic shootings and insensitivity, it is hard to feel any sympathy for him.

Captured From Video

“Manson explained to Larry King in 2013 that he knew right upon hearing news of the shooting that he would likely receive blame — and he did, in the form of false reports claiming the shooters were wearing Marilyn Manson T-shirts when they began their rampage.”

“(I) was the best face to attach to at the time because I put myself in the role of villain. Because I think villains are the key to any good story,” he said. “Before they were showing anything, they said a gang of kids wearing Marilyn Manson T-shirts shot up a school… I think I’ve been blamed for about 36 school shootings.”

Watch Him In Action Below.

Manson can’t fathom that his music career took a hit for any normal reason. But What’s really surprising is that Manson ever became a household name in the first place.