Liberals Scramble To Put Distance Between Themselves And Shady Hillary.

Donna Brazile, former CNN contributor, and interim chairman of the DNC, opened the floodgates for a full-on liberal rebellion against the Clintons. In what she claims was a promise she made to Bernie Sanders, Brazile investigated Hillary’s access to the DNC funds as well as voter tampering.

Here is the catch, Brazile, Bernie and the DNC knew about this WAY before Clinton put herself in front of the firing squad, with the bogus Trump dossier, but didn’t want to back a better horse – so to speak. In Brazile’s own words she referred to the discovery as she had ‘found the cancer’ but added ‘she wouldn’t kill the patient’. Because the discovery was made before the end of the 2016 elections it’s pretty clear that Brazile meant that she wouldn’t expose crooked Hillary at the cost of the presidential election. Which, they lost anyway, so….

Of course, Hillary supporters, as well as Liberal officials, have suddenly changed their tune. Taking time to question the former Secretary of State’s credibility, even though we’ve been yelling this all along.


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Liberal media was finally forced to admit that Hillary rigged the elections (Seen below from CNN) but they’ve yet to cross the line into the Uranium-1 deal. Folks, this just keeps getting deeper and has quickly become the largest political scandal since Watergate. Maybe even larger.

Watch CNN suck it up.

As reported by David French with National Review.

One of the most mystifying aspects of the 2016 election has been the short-term elevation of Hillary Clinton. She somehow went from being the “most qualified presidential candidate in history” to a spiritual figure, a person with a mystical presence. She walks the woods. She grants or denies absolution.

When she speaks, grown women weep. Or at least they did yesterday. Today, things changed. Remember Donna Brazile? She’s the former CNN contributor and interim chairman of the Democratic National Committee. She last dominated the headlines in October of 2016, when a leaked email revealed she’d fed CNN debate questions to Hillary’s campaign in March of that year. (She took the job as interim DNC chairwoman, which she’d briefly held in 2011 as well, in July.) CNN forced her to resign as a contributor, but before the election, Brazile was anything but apologetic Here’s her comment on November 7, 2016 — the day before Hillary’s loss:

“My conscience — as an activist, a strategist — is very clear,” the interim chair of the Democratic National Committee said Monday during a satellite radio interview with liberal activist and SiriusXM host Joe Madison. She added that “if I had to do it all over again, I would know a hell of a lot more about cybersecurity.”

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