Rice University Newspaper Celebrates MLK Day By Bashing White People?!

Rice University Newspaper Publishes Racist Anti-White Ad On MLK Day.

Universities these days are pumping out white hate. From the Texas University Newspaper: “White People Your DNA is an Abomination” back in November, to the more recent Iowan Professor who believes decent behavior by white people towards all races is just an attempt to create “good white identity.”

Another Texas University has fallen into the white hate racket. Rice University of Houston, Texas, has published a hateful supposedly satirical ad in the back of its newspaper:

“Hey there, white people!” the post begins. “We know. You have a day off to celebrate someone who managed to beat your system. Don’t despair – for the low price of eternal shame you can spend these 24 hours doing something productive like beating off in a sock and wondering whatever happened to your 8th grade girlfriend. You’re disgusting.”

This “satirical” ad has, of course, brought about outrage and demands for it’s removal. The university responded in tweet form.

You might expect that the staff/editor would apologize for the satire if it were as claimed satire, but instead, they doubled down. Although they did clarify that the “You’re disgusting” part was intended to refer to the people with socks mentioned in the ad.

We still live in a system designed to favor white people at the expense of others. It’s wrong to argue that the reference to race in the “ad” is just as unacceptable as if a minority group were addressed rather than the white majority. This ignores the fact that racism exists in a context, and in this country, the context is the generations of oppression and slavery suffered by one minority at the hands of the majority. Given this fact, a satirical jab at the behavior of many white people cannot be compared to a similar jab at those that have suffered from the brutal history of racism in this country.

We are disappointed in Rice University’s response stating that this Backpage is contrary to the values of the university and offensive. We do not ask the university to stand with our editorial content on every occasion, but we are disheartened that Rice’s administration finds a part of a Backpage intended to target issues of institutional racism and general apathy to be “contrary to the values of the university.”

So the Newspaper staff believes taking a jab at white people is ok because at one point of time there was slavery and unjust conditions. So the white people of today are somehow at fault for the past they were not there for? This is the kind of junk that Universities are peddling and it is sad. This hateful behavior hurts race relations more than helps. If they wanted to bring attention to Martin Luther King there were far better ways. Wasn’t Martin Luther King’s whole deal change through peaceful discourse. This “satirical ad” seems to incite and is more of a slap in the face to MLK.

These students need better teachers. Teachers who inspire them do well and not blame white people or race. I think Morgan Freedman said it best:

Or maybe he did:

“If we are not careful, our colleges will produce a group of close-minded, unscientific, illogical propagandists, consumed with immoral acts. Be careful, brethren! Be careful, teachers!” ~Martin Luther King