White House Pulls Their Hair Out After Watching What This Local Florida Dem Just Said

You can guarantee that the White House and leadership at the DNC are pulling their hair out after they watched the video below.

The devastation from hurricane Ian is vast, and it’s been a little personal for me. I have friends, extended family members friends, and relatives who have relocated to the areas that were hit the hardest. One thing that the mainstream media has failed to cover is just how large the area impacted is. A 117-mile area bore the brunt, and then the towns slightly inland, like Arcadia, Florida, had the flooding. People are still trapped.

One of the areas that has been devastated by flooding is Arcadia, Florida (DeSoto County), which lies on the banks of the Peace River. The river flooded to historical levels taking out RV campgrounds, trapped residents, and whipped out gas stations. People with generators were struggling to find gas because they were either trapped by the flood or there wasn’t any. However, Governor Ron DeSantis came through on October 2, 2022.

“This was such a big storm, that brought so much water, that you have basically what’s been a 500-year flood event here in DeSoto County and some of the neighboring counties,” DeSantis said.

As much-needed supplies were delivered to Arcadia, one man – a self-declared Democrat – celebrated and made a declaration that probably made DNC officials sick to their stomachs.

We’ve seen Biden in “action.”

The man has flubbed inflation, the energy crisis, the baby formula shortage, the supply chain crisis, and Afghanistan. There is no comparison between Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the Democrat party.

Below is a video showing how severe the flooding is in Arcadia.