White House Ignores Warnings & Fumes Learning The Hard Way Not To Mess With Texas, ‘This Is Not A Publicity Stunt’ (VIDEO)

The White House has just learned the hard way, never mess with Texas.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton tried to warn them but they wouldn’t listen.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who’s border towns and cities are tired of shouldering the burden of illegal immigrants flooding his state took matters into his own hands. As hundreds of illegal immigrants are dumped by federal officials they are being put back on buses and shipped to DC.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki claimed it was just a “publicity stunt” however she was sorely mistaken.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton told Fox News, I wish it was only a publicity stunt. She doesn’t understand the reality, or doesn’t care about the reality, of what’s happening on the Texas border. And then, ultimately, what’s happening to all of our states, because really every state is a border state now, affected by what’s going on along the border. Because we have a massive increase in drug overdoses, we have had COVID spread around, we’ve had all kinds of crime issues. This is a real issue. This is not a publicity stunt by the governor.”

The White House quickly discovered Texas is not messing around and more buses are on the way.

However, immigrants keep on coming and things are getting dangerous.

In the clip below you’ll see illegal immigrants who have thrown themselves into the Rio Grande forcing law enforcement to rescue them putting themselves and LEOs at risk. The fact that Joe Biden is allowing this to happen on a regular basis is an international embarrassment.

Meanwhile, Biden is trying to keep a lid on how many illegal immigrants he’s allowing into the country.