Watch: Biden Is So Dazed Jill Biden Has To Treat Him Like A Trained Animal, ‘Just Stay…

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the “leader of the free world.”

The eggroll event at the White House was an utter disaster and it shows that Biden is not well.

The President was so out of it that First Lady Jill Biden started treating him like a dog on a leash.

At the end of his comments kicking off the event, Jill Biden ordered Joe to “wave…wave!”

It was all downhill from there.

When it was time for the Bidens to read a story Joe started to speak but was cut off by Jill demanding that he “just stay.”

Joe was upset about it the fact he was being tied down and complained about it.
“They’re not going to let me read at all,” Joe whined.

Perhaps the most egregious moment was when Joe started wandering off and muttering like a madman about Afghanistan. It was so bad that a White House press staffer dressed in an Easter Bunny costume rushed in and got Joe out of there.

There are two angles that captured the moment, the first you can’t hear what Joe is saying.

Another camera captured what Joe was saying and it explains why the staffer rushed in, the man sounded completely out of it.

Do you want to hear something even funnier?

The Hill is reporting that two sources has confirmed Joe Biden told former president Barack Obama he is running for president in 2024.

The man has a 30% approval rating and he wants to run for re-election.

We are past incompetence the entire administration is delusional.