Conservative Lawmaker Challenges Sessions For Not Investigating Hillary [Video]

A Conservative Lawmaker Calls Out AG Sessions For Saying He Will Not Open A Second Special Counsel To Investigate The FBI’s Handling Of The Clinton-Russian Probes.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions rejected calls from Republican lawmakers for a second special counsel to look into potential misconduct by the Justice Department and the FBI in past investigations of Hillary Clinton, saying that the issues were already under scrutiny

Sessions claimed that assigning special counsel is only for ‘extraordinary circumstances’ and instead he’s designated attorney John Huber to review the FBI’s cases. While most lawmakers have expressed that they feel like Huber will ‘do a good job’ the public’s concern is that Huber is an Obama appointee.

North Carolina Senator, Mark Meadows, gets pretty heated on the subject during his interview with Fox News. Meadows brings up several striking arguments. Take a look.


According to The Hill, several conservative GOP lawmakers on Thursday reaffirmed their demand for a second special counsel to investigate alleged surveillance abuses at the Justice Department.

Reps. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) and Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) spoke to the need for a second special counsel during a joint appearance with Fox News host Laura Ingraham after Attorney General Jeff Sessions resisted such demands earlier in the day.

During the interview, Jordan accused top FBI officials of omitting facts when approaching a secretive court under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) to get a surveillance warrant on former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

“Laura, it’s supposed to [be] the truth, the whole truth, not part of it, not [with] redactions, and when you go to the court, you gotta give them the whole truth. They did not do that at the FISA court,” Jordan said.

“And it was those people – two of them have been fired, three of them have been demoted,” he said. “And we don’t think that’s extraordinary circumstances warranting a second special counsel?”