What’s Important Enough For Politicians And Reporters To Keep Secret For Decades?

Congress and the mainstream media have proven time and time again that they are able to accomplish anything together. They are particularly good at broadcasting ‘leaks’ at times it benefits them the most. Heck, countless classified documents and privileged information have surfaced in this year alone. It’s really been head-spinning trying to keep up with the exposure. You could spend all day digging into the latest news.

This secret, however, has never seen the light of day, until now. It is still so well guarded that, despite it being released to the public, you would be hardpressed to really dig up sufficient details of the ‘who, what and when’ about it.

As Reported by Jack Hellner with the American Thinker.

Sherlock Holmes noticed the dog that didn’t bark.  Americans should pay close attention to the scandal that didn’t leak.

Information from the Mueller investigation leaks like a sieve.

Information from intelligence committees and intelligence agencies has a way of showing up in newspapers.

It seems every private conversation anyone surrounding Trump had with Russians and any meeting and inadvertent handshake show up in the press.

The illegal unmasking of information around people who know Trump is rampant.

Ben Rhodes has said the White House could plant lies about the Iran deal with selective reporters, and they would just print what they were told.

We know from DNC leaked emails that there were reporters that would just print what Democrats allowed.

Fusion GPS was able to plant false information with the media that was paid for by Democrats, and the media just reported it as genuine intelligence.

Somehow, Washington Post reporters magically were able to come up with a story about four women in Alabama from around 40 years ago after Roy Moore won a primary.

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