RINOs PANIC After SHOCK Poll In HOT GOP Senate Race

The RINOs are beside themselves, they believed that no matter what a RINO would be the GOP’s candidate for Senate in Pennsylvania but a shock poll changed all that.

The establishment was pleased either Dave McCormick or Dr. Oz was going to win the Republican nomination for Senate. McCormick is a “never Trumper” and Dr. Oz is a Hollywoke liberal pretending to be a conservative and multiple videos have gone public exposing he’s a liar.

During the last debate, Dr. Oz was put in his place by a little-known candidate Kathy Barnette, who is pro-life, a veteran, pro 2nd Amendment, and pro-police. She made Dr. Oz squirm when she detailed the story about the fact that she was conceived as a result of a rape.

Forty-eight hours after the debate Barnette was tied with the two front runners and now the establishment is in a panic.

Many of the MAGA politicians in PA who stayed silent during the primary because they didn’t agree with Trump’s endorsement of Oz have started to align behind Barnette who is now on the receiving end of dirty RINO politics.

The internal polling must be terrible for the other candidates because they are throwing everything at a candidate who’s only spent about $200,000 in media buys.

The opposition is claiming that Barnette isn’t a real Trump supporter but unlike Oz or McCormick, her social media posts say otherwise.

Note the date of the post…

They are also claiming that Barnette isn’t a real veteran and is lying…

What has Pennsylvania conservatives even more baffled is that Sean Hannity is aligning behind Oz and even attacks Barnette instead of letting local politics play out like Rush Limbaugh used to do.

What is interesting is that McConnell isn’t going to get involved, Mitch has said he is going to let the voters decide.

Note Axios’s title claiming leadership is in a panic, McConnell isn’t panicking, if he was he wouldn’t have decided to let the voters choose.

Below are examples of why Pennsylvania conservatives are concerned about Dr. Oz…