Watch: White House Panic! Tries to Cover Up Mess After John Kerry Spills The Beans, ‘He Literally Had Not Been Aware Of…

The shade war is going hot even John Kerry is now throwing Biden under the bus.

What transpired during an interview with John Kerry in France gave us a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes of the Biden administration and it’s a chaotic mess.

While being pressed by French journalists over America not including France in the nuclear sub deal, Kerry cracked and admitted that Biden “literally had not been aware what had transpired.”

First off, Kerry is telling us that Biden had no idea about the AUKUS sub deal. Secondly, why is John Kerry involved in the AUKUS sub deal? He wasn’t confirmed to hold a position in the DOD or the State Department. Kerry is the private jet flying climate czar, why is he negotiating military pacts?

The Biden administration is a hot mess. But, don’t take our word for it, even Democrat congressman are leaking to CNN about how bad they are.

White Press Secretary Jen Psaki fluttered to try and cover up for Biden’s incompetence.

The AUKUS deal will allow Australia to build nuclear powered subs with US technology and the pact covers things like AI. France was also hoping to build similar submarines however, Biden – or whoever put the deal together – shut them out.

“It’s really a stab in the back,” France’s Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian told France Info radio.

The pact is designed to counter China ramping up military activity in the region. UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said China is “embarking on one of the biggest military spends in history”.

“It is growing its navy [and] air force at a huge rate. Obviously it is engaged in some disputed areas,” he said. “Our partners in those regions want to be able to stand their own ground.”

AUKUS is being called on of the most significant security arrangements since World War Two and the dummies in the Biden administration left out our oldest ally.