Did Obama Coverup The Strength Of The Taliban And AlQueda For His Own Gain?

Did Obama Hide Files To Make Himself Look Like A More Effective President?

In the raid and successful eradication of Osama Bin Laden 470,000 files were found, but Obama only publically released 571 during his presidency. These files are now more commonly known as the Abbottabad files, named after the compound they were found in. The files have been used numerous times over the year in efforts to combat terrorism but for some reason, they were under lock and key and not just from the public.

“The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) announced. “Today marks the end of a two-and-a-half-year effort to declassify several hundred documents recovered in the raid on Osama bin Laden’s Abbottabad, Pakistan compound in May 2011.” This headline was an attempt to hide the rest of the files from the public in hope that the public had long forgotten the total number released or found files. The ODNI released 49 more files with this statement but those files are what brought the total up to 571.

The problem The Obama Administration had is that people had actually stated that there was an excessive amount of files found, so they couldn’t do the normal sweep under the rug routine that they wanted to.

“President Obama’s national security adviser, Tom Donilon, had described the intelligence haul brought back from Pakistan by the Navy SEALs and CIA operatives as extensive enough to fill a “small college library.” A senior military intelligence official who briefed reporters at the Pentagon on May 7, 2011, said: “As a result of the raid, we’ve acquired the single largest collection of senior terrorist materials ever.”

Obama’s claim of transparency was awfully shrouded with the help of a Liberal Media that loved to let things slide under the radar for their favorite president.

The ODNI dodged and weaved any thorough journalist’s comments with remarks like ‘those are irrelevant files’ or ‘these files are just trash, no interest to anyone.’ In efforts to minimize the importance of the files but if they were so useless then why not just release them to the public?

“Obama’s National Security Council hand-picked 17 documents to be provided to the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point for analysis.” Two of which would be held back for security reasons. The Obama Administration released files that shaped the narrative that Bin Laden was on his way out and his organization was in ruins. Making it look like he had practically taken out the Terrorist Threat right before it was time for his second term election.

Despite the manipulation of the press and the claims that there was not any useful information to be found in the Abbottabad files some intelligence agencies and journalists pressed on to find the truth. One intelligence agency put multiple requests through, but the CIA at the time was very much a Pro Obama force and Bogarted the information.

It was not until the Freedom of information act came out that the 571 files were even released. Trump did what Trump does best he saw that the American people were being lied to so he had the rest of the files released on November 1st.

“Wednesday, November 1, CIA director Mike Pompeo announced the release of “nearly 470,000 additional files” from the Abbottabad raid. From 571 to 470,000: The “most transparent administration in history,” you might say, has just been trumped, by nearly three orders of magnitude.”

Thank God For Trump.

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