Woke Line Up Behind Arlington Shooter, Parties After Release, Blame Victim’s

A new story line is emerging after Timothy Simpkins – whose black – opened fire and shot up a classroom. The woke are claiming that Simpkins’ is a victim of bullying and it’s the victims fault.

After allegedly shooting up a school he also partied when he was released on bail.

Simpkins, 18, turned himself in shortly after fleeing Timberview High School in Arlington, Texas after he allegedly used a .45 caliber pistol during a brawl with other students.

In total, five people were injured and a 15 year old boy is in “critical condition.” Calvin Pettitt, 25, an English teacher was shot in the back and has a collapsed lung. It is unclear at this time if the five persons shot were involved in the bullying.

Simpkins cousin, Cint Wheat said that, “He was robbed. It was recorded. It happened not just once, it happened twice. He was scared, he was afraid.”

“It could have been a decision that he could have committed suicide… he was trying to protect himself. They were blessed financially. He was able to get things that other teenagers cannot have, because he wore nice clothes, because he drove nice cars, he was like a target,” Carol Harrison Lafayette, another relative, told reporters outside the family’s home on Wednesday night.

Simpkins family claims they went to school officials several times and they did nothing.

“Right now they about to come up with what shoulda coulda been done when all the signs was ignored and the cries for help,” Wheat said.

Police also had trouble responding to the shooting because of copy cats. As initial reports came in of the shooting at Timberview local police flagged several other social media post of threats to other local schools which slowed their response.

Arlington assistant police chief, Kevin Kolbye said that officers were spread out searching for Simpkins, responding to other schools, and being dispatched to Timberview. Kolbye stated that they will be investigating the copy cat threats and charge could be pressed against those who made the threats which slowed their response.

“I want the message to be out there that this is not something to continue. We will investigate you,” Kolbye said. “The federal government partners will also be able to investigate you if you’re not living in our city and will bring you to a successful prosecution.”

There is video of a brawl that occurred in the classroom shortly before the shooting that has been confirmed to be Simpkins. However, police nor any media agency will say which person is Simpkins in the video.

The family has apologized to the victims families.