Rep. Gaetz: Special Council, Mueller, Puts ‘America At Risk Of A Coup D’etat.’

It’s  ridiculous that Mueller has not been removed at this point. His ‘special interest’ and involvement in the Uranium-1 deal as well as with the Clinton’s, should have forced him to resign. That is, after all, what anyone with at least a shred of decency would have done by now.

That is exactly the point that Republican Representative, Matt Gaetz of Florida, has been trying to make. He has continually spoken out about the type of corruption Mueller represents. Just four days ago Gaetz took the House floor to address this issue with his colleges, but nothing has been done as of yet, despite his efforts.

Mueller should be fired for his participation in the Uranium-1 project if nothing else, and we couldn’t agree more! Gaetz took his plight to Breitbart to reach out to the American people.


As reported by John Hayword with Breitbart.

“It absolutely must become law because we have to deliver on the Trump agenda,” Gaetz said of tax reform. “We’re already seeing consumer confidence and business confidence and investor confidence rise in anticipation of the great work that the president’s doing. Regulatory reform and tax reform are cornerstones of that work.“

“I think we’re further ahead on the corporate side, cutting the corporate tax rate to 20 percent, repatriating assets that are currently overseas. That’s really the reform that’s going to lead to the wage growth that we never saw in the Obama economy,” he predicted.

“I think we’ve got some work still to do on the individual side, making sure we really drive these reforms to regular folks who just want to play by the rules and move their families ahead, without all the cutouts and giveaways that too many special interests have gotten in Washington over the last several generations,” said Gaetz.

Gaetz agreed with Marlow that tax reform and the attendant economic growth could be a “signature thing for the Republicans to run on in 2018.”

“All of the elements you describe – low unemployment, high growth, people’s pension plans and retirement plans doing better in the stock market – that’s all just a consequence of the first piece of regulatory reform,” he told Marlow. “Imagine how much we can supercharge the economy and really deliver on the improvement of the quality of life that the president promised when we actually pass. So I’m confident the House of Representatives will pass a tax cut that the president will support, but gosh, when I look over there at the United States Senate, I don’t know if those guys and gals could pass a Mother’s Day resolution these days.”

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Rep. Matt Gaetz: ‘Unaccountable Special Prosecutor with Clear Conflicts of Interest’ Puts America at Risk of ‘Coup d’etat’