Watch: Rush Limbaugh Knows How We Can Stop Mueller’s Bogus Investigation.

Special Counsel, Robert Meuller, should not be the one to investigate ANYTHING dealing with ‘Russian collusion’ since it was him who oversaw the filthy Uranium-One deal. Sadly, the world isn’t as just as it should be and Meuller, of all people, is at the head of one of the most talked about investigations in our nation’s history.

Nevermind, the bogus aspect of this entire investigation. Nevermind that it seems like everyday truth emerges from the ashes of Meuller’s case. Let’s not even talk about the dangerous tension Meuller has put on the United States and Russia. The fact is, if there must be an investigation this is not the guy to do it. Rush Limbaugh has some choice words on the subject and the best plan we have in getting crooked Meuller the heck out of there.


As Reported By James Barrett With The Daily Wire.

For those on the right who fear the “endgame” of the “bogus and illegitimate” Russia collusion investigation, the Big Voice on the Right has a message: defeat the Democrats in 2018 because the special counsel’s real goal is not really to indict President Trump but to provide Democrats the grounds to impeach him should they can win the House of Representatives.

Limbaugh spent much of his show on Monday speaking about Robert Mueller’s “collusion” investigation, the legitimacy of which has begun to implode amid revelations about anti-Trump/pro-Clinton and pro-Obama operatives playing key roles in the investigations into both Trump and Clinton.

Prompted by a caller who was worried about the “endgame” of the special counsel, Limbaugh finally landed on the primary message he wanted to convey to his audience: the investigation is not about collusion or counterintelligence or criminality. The investigation, aid Limbaugh, “is an impeachment investigation.”

“It’s not a collusion investigation. It is not a counterintelligence investigation, and it’s not even a criminal investigation. This is an investigation where they hope to produce, not enough evidence … to persuade the American people because impeachment is a political event,” said Limbaugh.

That goal, said Limbaugh…

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